Another Level Pretzel, Auntie Anne’s

Are you looking for a new place to gather around with your pals? Auntie Anne’s can be the best choice for you. This place is highly recommended for you since it has a lot of foods which will let you to get a new taste. Moreover, the Auntie Anne’s is also known with a lot of menus which are suitable for any kind of mood that you have.  Before going too far, here is the brief information about what the Auntie Anne’s is and its menus that are highly recommended.

The Brief Introduction For The Auntie Anne’s

Historically, the Auntie Anne’s was founded by Anne F. Beiler and Jonas, her husband in 1988. At the first, it was based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and then expands to around the world. Basically, the Auntie Annes’ serves some different menus which are perfect for gathering around with your friends. It serves various dips, pretzel and also beverages which all of them have a new different taste.

What Is Their Selling Product?

Like mentioned before, the Auntie Anne’s concept basically like a bakery but it is only selling some pretzel.The most iconic product from the Auntie Anne’s is pretzel chain. Recently, it released some new flavors and variants as new innovation. Still, with the iconic pretzel, Auntie Anne’s still giving more taste on it. You will not only once to take all the variants, but more than twice so that you can choose your favorite one.

What Are The Best Seller Menus In The Auntie Anne’s?

Among all of the menus, there might be some of the top recommended and best seller menus in the Auntie Anne’s. If it is the first time to you to get the pretzel here, so do not worry. Here is a simple guideline for you to choose the best menu:

  • Chocolate Eclair

If you like chocolate the most, so the Chocolate Eclair is the highest recommendation for your from the Auntie Anne’s. With more chewy and firm texture, the Chocolate Eclair will bring you to the taste of fairy tale. When you need to find the mood like in fairy tale, this menus can be the perfect one. Although you will find the nostalgic taste, there will be a new taste on it that will be found.

  • Parmesan Cheese

If you prefer cheese than chocolate, so the Parmesan Cheese becomes the most recommended menu for you. This menu will bring you like one day in Italy. With the soft and chewy dough of pretzel combined with a warm cheese dip, you will find your own happiness there. The taste of cheese and the soft pretzel becomes one combination that will never be forgotten to your tongue.

  • Cheesy Turkey

Still for the cheese lovers. Besides the Parmesan Cheese, Cheesy Turkey is also highly recommended for you. The concept of this menu is like to brighten up your mood. You can find the perfect combination of melted cheese and the most delicious turkey ham at once. You can imagine, how grateful this menuare.

  • Zesty Rozelle

If you feel like you are in the romantic mode, so the Zesty Rozelle will help you. It is not all about sweet and flowers, but the Zesty Rozelle pretzel. The taste will bring you to the pink mode which must be brighter in your day.

  • Green Tea

Do you need a uniquetaste from Auntie Anne’s pretzel? The Green Tea pretzel must be on your list. This pretzel has the robust green tea powder with the vanilla sprinkled on the top. You can imagine the combination taste of healthy green tea and the sweet vanilla. It is great, isn’t it?

  • Almond

Do you feel like anything wrong today? Just grab the Almond pretzel to help press your stress. With the bittersweet taste of almond, you can find to bring back your mood. Moreover, almond also will help to relieve your stress little by little. So, if there is no one who understands you today so just grab the Auntie Anne’s almond pretzel to lighten up your mood. At least, you will find a little happiness from the taste of amazing pretzel with the bittersweet combination.

  • Cinnamon Sugar

Do you need something sweet? The Cinnamon Sugar pretzel will help you. You can also find the taste of the holiday. One bite will bring up your memories about your Christmas day and holiday. Moreover, the soft dough with the sweetest taste will magically bring an instant happiness right away. Some people even mark this pretzel as the pre-holiday mood pretzel because of its “magic” to bring up the memories. Sometimes you may also feel like there will be a music of Jingle Bell while biting the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel. Are you curious? Just grab and try it!