The Best Kid’s Meal Menu in Popeyes Chicken

The family outing is the perfect occasion that should be done. You can play around with your children and even take more time atmeal time. If you are choosing to walk outside, so you may choose the perfect place to get a meal. One of the best recommendation, when you are outing with your children, is a chicken restaurant. It is not too difficult actually to find the chicken restaurant since there are a lot. One of the best recommendations is Popeyes Chicken. There is a lot of tastier menu which are also the perfect choice for your children’s taste.

Best Recommendation Kid’s Meal Menu

Since you are outing with your children, you need to find the kid’s meal which you children like the most. In Popeyes Chicken, the kid’s meal menu becomes one as a family menu like:

  • 6 Pieces Cajun Chicken

In one server, it can be for a whole of your family. The first menu contains six pieces of cajun chicken as the trademark chicken for the Popeyes Chicken. With the crunchy chicken, you will get a big Signature side with the outstanding biscuits. You can also choose the variant of cajun chicken which is mild, spicy and also mix and match.

  • 9 Pieces Cajun Chicken

Actually, this menu is not too different from the first menu. There will be nine pieces of cajun chicken with the signature side and also four biscuits. However, there will be an additional menu like a salad for this menu. Moreover, this second menu is larger which are more enough for your family.

Perfect Dessert And Sides For Family Outing

Besides the main menu, you will also need the dessert or side menu. In Popeyes Chicken, there are also a lot of sides dishes and dessert which are perfect for completing your meal. So, what are they? Here is the best recommendation for you:

  • Ice Cream

Children must be like the sweetest thing. You can order an ice cream which is the iconic one in Popeyes Chicken. Rather than having stick or cone, the ice cream in Popeyes Chicken is like a piece of chocolate. The ice cream is wrapped in a small piece with the chocolate. So, you can find the chocolate shell outside with the vanilla ice cream inside. For one serving, there will be a pack. In each pack, it has 4 pieces of chocolate ice cream. That is why it is so perfect to share with your family.

  • Mashed Potato

If you feel like to need additional dishes, so the mashed potato can be the choice. The creamy and smooth potato which was smashed has a rich taste with the combination flavor of cajun. A bowl of mashed potato is enough to share.

  • Cajun Fries

Besides chicken, usually, there will be its friend. French fries are the perfect one. In Popeyes Chicken, you can find Cajun Fries which has outstanding taste. It is not like the other french fries that you found before, the Cajun Fries will give perfect cajun taste inside.

  • Cajun Cheese Fries

Another option for cajun fries is the cajun cheese fries. Basically, it is not too different with the Cajun Fries before. However, there will be an additional sauce of cheese on the top bringing more sensational taste.

  • Garlic Rice

Do you want to get a bowl of rice with cajun chicken? Popeyes Chicken offers the different menu than other for the rice. The Garlic Rice is tasty with garlic seasoning. You will find a new combination taste between cajun chicken and the garlic rice. In the warm serving, it will be more fantastic.