Mind Blowing Facts About Chick Fil A

Are you a fan of chicken sandwiches? If you like this food, you can visit Chick Fil A. This special restaurant serves a menu of chicken meat. So if you have allergies to chicken meat, you should avoid these foods. You can enjoy various menus from chicken meat. There you can see the nutritional content and price of food. So you can easily record your favorite menus. There they present several categories of menus that will make it easier for you. If you are interested in this restaurant, you should visit the website first. Because there is important information about Chick Fil A.  Starting from the menu, history, and facts about restaurants. But now you don’t need to visit the website, we will review Chick Fil A facts that will blow your mind. Keep reading our article.

  1. History of Chick Fil A Restaurant.

This restaurant was first established in 1946. The founder of this restaurant was named Truett Cathy. He opened his first restaurant with the name Dwarf Grill. Then the restaurant changed its name to Dwarf House. The restaurant named Chick Fil A was founded in 1986. The location of this restaurant is on North Druid Hills Road, Atlanta. Furthermore, this restaurant gave a big success to Truett Cathy. So they were able to become the largest chicken restaurant in the United States. Until now, they are expanding the business to 46 countries.

chick fil a
chick fil a
  1. Profile of Truett Cathy as Founder of Chick Fil A.

Truett Cathy was born in 1921. She was edited in September 2014. At that time Cathy was 93 years old. He started the restaurant business in 1946. Cathy started a business with Ben to establish The Dwarf Grill. Then this restaurant business began to develop and succeed. Then in 1976, Cathy opened her own restaurant. This is the early history of the establishment of Chick Fil A. Cathy is someone who has a high social spirit. He often gets awards for business or charity.

  1. Chick Fil A has many charitable activities.

Next, we will discuss the restaurant’s charity activities. We have discussed this topic before. So Cathy often does charity. Until now, the restaurant still keeps these activities. There all employees work with their hearts. No matter what their job description is, all of them work to serve consumers. They must serve consumers like friends. So goodness is more important than anything. Here are some charitable activities at Chick Fil A Restaurant.

  • This restaurant donates food. They donate excess food to communities in need. If a natural disaster occurs, this restaurant opens a public kitchen for disaster victims.
  • Restaurant has a scholarships program for their employees. Here the restaurant wants to improve employee welfare. Educational scholarships are benefits programs for their employees. They started this program in 1973. Then the restaurant gave 61 million dollars to 46,700 of their employees.
  • They support local communities events. Furthermore, they support a positive activity. They fundraising events at school. Usually, they help to bring inspiring guest stars. Well guys, isn’t this an interesting activity? You can give proposals to restaurants to get support from them.
  1. Commitment to Chick Fil A Kitchen.

Well guys, after this we will discuss commitments in the restaurant kitchen. Restaurants must be able to serve food according to standards. Food safety is important for the quality of a restaurant kitchen. They need to have good food storage. So that their food safety is guaranteed. Chick Fil A only uses fresh and simple ingredients. The following are activities in the kitchen Chick Fil A.

  • They use whole chicken meat. They don’t use fillers on their chicken meat. They take chicken meat from US farms. Where they already have standards and licenses. Furthermore, the farm does not use antibiotics in poultry.
  • Chick Fil A makes their own bread products.
  • The kitchen serves fresh ingredients of salad every day.
  • They make lemon juice using pure sugar.
  • Restaurants try to give healthy food without leaving a delicious taste.
  • Restaurants reduce sodium from their products by 8%.
  • Then they do not use preservatives and artificial coloring.
  1. Don’t visit Chick Fil A on Sundays.

Well guys, do you know the operating hours of this restaurant? They are closed on Sundays. This rule is an idea from Truett Cathy. Every weekend they close the service at the restaurant. Because Cathy wants their employees to be closer to family or friends. Isn’t this a good policy?

  1. Chick Fil A Club.

Next, we will discuss the club restaurant on your smartphone. They have a club that makes it easy for you when ordering menus from restaurants. This club restaurant is named Chick Fil A One. If you join this program, you can collect points after making a transaction. How to check new information, you need to download the Chick Fil A. application. Here you can use the App Store or Google Play. Choose an application according to your smartphone brand. How to collect points.

  • make catering orders online through the application.
  • You can scan the QR code from Chick Fil A One when using the drive-thru system.

Then you can use points to exchange prizes. Next, you can reach a higher membership level. They did not set conditions to join the club. All consumers can register for a club or create an account on Chick Fil A. You can see a list of prizes and your points through the application. Here is a list of member points.

  • You can reach the Silver Member level if you can collect 1000 points in 1 year.
  • You can reach the Red Member level if you can collect 5000 points in 1 year.

The above reviews are some facts from Chick Fil A restaurant. You can contact their customer service if you find difficulties during the transaction. If you frequently visit this restaurant, you should register for a member. Because you will get special prices when buying food. Check out other interesting articles through our website only at