Enjoy the Unique Concept of Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Well guys, is pizza your favorite menu? If you like pizza, of course, you have a favorite place to eat. Today many pizza restaurants are popular around you. There you can choose pizzas of various sizes. Then you can choose your favorite topping. Before buying pizza, you need to know the menu and price. Then you need to read the restaurant profile first. Good reviews of restaurants can give you confidence. So, don’t hesitate to read our article. Because we will discuss the facts of your favorite restaurant. We will now review the facts about Papa Murphy’s Pizza Restaurant.

Papa Murphy’s is a restaurant based in the United States. They have a unique way to serve pizza. Here you can not only buy cooked pizza. But you can buy pizza dough. So you can bake your own pizza at home. Thus you can serve warm pizza for your family. If you want to know more information, keep reading our article.

papa murphy's pizza
papa murphy’s pizza
  1. The History of Papa Murphy’s.

First, you need to know about the history of Papa Murphy’s. This restaurant has a unique concept when selling pizza. Here you can buy pizza dough that is ready for baking. The popular concept is named Take and bake. They don’t only sell raw pizza products. But you can buy lasagna, cake dough, salads etc. Year after year this restaurant grows well. They are the sixth largest pizza chain in the world.

So Papa Murphy’s is a combination of two restaurants. They are Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza. Papa Aldo’s Pizza was founded in 1981. Then Murphy’s Pizza was founded in 1984 in California. The founder of this business was Robert Graham. He was curious about pizza dough that can be baked at home. Because home ovens are not able to bake pizza optimally. So Robert Graham found out how to make pizza dough that matches the home oven. Whereas Papa Aldo’s has good management. But they were unable to get high sales. Because their products are less attractive to customers. Then these two restaurants joined forces to produce delicious pizza.

  1. Robert Graham takes 250 recipe trials for this restaurant.

Before deciding to open the concept of Take and Bake, Robert conducted a recipe experiment. According to the company, he did 250 recipe trials to make the right mixture. So that home ovens can bake pizza at 425 degrees. Then Robert managed to find the formula for pizza dough and opened his own restaurant. The initial capital to open this business is 100,000 dollars. Because financial management is weak, Papa Murphy’s joins Papa Aldo’s Pizza.

  1. The concept of Take and Bake Pizza.

Well guys, if you have a party at home, you can order this pizza. Because they can prepare dough that matches your home oven. There are several advantages to the take and bake concept of Papa Murphy’s.

  • They make pizza from fresh ingredients. Well guys, this restaurant doesn’t give you frozen products. But they process the pizza dough themselves. Then your pizza topping all comes from fresh ingredients that have just been formulated by a restaurant chef.
  • You can order your own favorite pizza. Here you can choose your own favorite pizza. You can choose pizza crust, topping, sauce and cheese topping. Then they will calculate the number of calories of your pizza.
  • Mature pizza can’t beat the fresh pizza from your oven. There you can serve hot pizza at home. You only need to bake pizza at 425 degrees.
  • This product is simple and you can save your cooking time.
  1. Papa Murphy’s Pizza has instructions for you.

Everyone knows if pizza must be baked at a temperature of 600 degrees. But Papa Murphy’s has a magical dough for your oven. You don’t need to worry about failing when baking pizza. Because they have instructions to bake pizza in your home oven. Here you only need to visit the restaurant’s official website. Then click on one of the pizza roasting instructions. Last, enjoy warm pizza with your family.

  1. Papa Murphy’s Pizza application.

Good news for Papa Murphy’s consumers, they have an application for your smartphone. There you can find the location of the nearest restaurant. Then you can order pizza online. Usually, you can get the best price when using a restaurant application. If you are interested in this offer, make sure you create an account in the Papa Murphy’s application. So you can get this application through Google Play.

  1. Papa Murphy’s Tag Line Love at 425.

If you are true fans, of course, you know the restaurant’s tagline. Yes Right, they are promoting the Love at 425 taglines. This tagline means that you can give love by baking pizza at home. Because you can serve warm pizza to your family with a home oven.

  1. Papa Murphy’s Pizza does not have a freezer.

this restaurant does not have a freezer. But that does not mean this restaurant does not pay attention to storing food ingredients. They show that pizza dough is made every day. They shred the cheese every day and cut the vegetables the same day. So you really get fresh pizza. Not pizza from the freezer.

  1. You can get promo menus and discounts from restaurants.

Well, guys, there is an easy way to get discounts and promo menus. Here you can create an account on the Papa Murphy’s website. You only need to fill in the registration form. Then they will give you a 25% discount when you order pizza online.

  1. You can choose 30 toppings for your pizza.

Even though they only have 15 pizza menus, you can add your favorite toppings. Thus this pizza will satisfy your hunger. The price will match the number of toppings you choose. So don’t forget to check the nutritional content and price of your pizza before ordering.

Are you interested in ordering your own pizza? Visit their website to make an order. Or you can download this restaurant application first. If you want to get more complete information, you can contact the restaurant. Get other interesting articles on our website. You only need to visit us at